Roof Balcony

Roof Balcony

VELUX GDL CABRIO® gives every loft space a place in the sun. This unique window system lets you enjoy natural light, a great view and invites outside space to flow into your interior. Just open the top frame and push the lower one outwards and then step outside. The wooden windows add a touch of warmth to the interior.


These are the most popular roof windows in the VELUX comfort range. Smooth and easy top operation provides ample space for you to place furniture directly beneath the window. Additionally they offer a unique ventilation flap which is integrated with the “easy-lock” control bar and can ventilate the room in any weather condition

Top Hung

Top-hung roof windows provide a good view and a feeling of open space. They are ideal for low-pitch roofs. Models GHL and GHU can be opened in 3 positions up to 30 degrees using the handle at the bottom of the sash. Models GPL and GPU can be opened at any position up to 45 degrees.

Flashing - EDW - EDS

Unobtrusive flashings that overlap the roof provide a weather-proof seal between the window and the roof to ensure safe and effective rainwater drainage.

Flashings - EKW - EKS

Velux combi solutions are discreet from the outside, but impressive from the inside. Use EKS for flat roofing materials and EKW for profiled roofing materials.

Sun Tunnel TWR - TWF

A Velux sun tunnel provides natural light from outside in dark areas of the house such as hallways, bathrooms and other rooms with no natural light, and where it is either not possible to install a traditional roof window.