Mould Detection

We have well trained WEPOS certified professionals for mould detection and removal services. So we can offer a professional and reliable mould detection and removal services.

Detection of Toxic Mould is vital, before any treatment or eradication of mould is carried out. Relevant equipment helps us in our investigation of the presence of mould spores.

We have a well equipped team for mould detection. We use professional equipment for mould detection, material temperature and humidity measurements.

Mould Deduction

Through our stringent procedures, knowledge and experience we are able to detect the presence of mould spores, which allows prompt treatment.

Once mould is detected we can use our WEPOS mould removal products, from Germany, to remove the moulds and can protect the area. We are the only one leading distributor of WEPOS Specialized Cleaning Care Products from Germany. 

There are several undesirable effects of mould  in all buildings and especially in home are:

  •       Mould causes serious health problems including respiratory and skin problems.

  •       It causes damages to materials.

  •       It also create very bad smell.

Preventive measures for recurrence of toxic airborne Mould infestation

We will spray the ceilings with our WEPOS Mould Remover from Germany to destroy the Mould spores.

Depending on the extent of stains the black Mould has caused to your ceilings, you may require painting as prescribed. All this will take one day to carry out.

We give a 6 months warranty against recurring infestation of Mould subject to good ventilation and non presence of dampness.

Works shall require obstruction-free space.