WEPOS Mould Remover Chlorine Free


Mould Remover Chlorine Free easily removes mould, fungal infestation and mould stains. Mould Remover Chlorine Free contains an innovative gel formula with long-lasting effect and deep penetration. Mould Remover Chlorine Free is chlorine free and odourless, therefore particularly suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Disinfects and protects. Removes mould from wallpaper, plaster, masonry, stone, wood, ceramic surfaces, plastic, textiles and leather.

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Hi-Glitz the only such store known to offer such a wide and comprehensive range of d-i-y easy to use and safe products to meet your cleaning needs.  The unique products available are imported from Germany and are of a very high quality.  These are customised and designed for cleaning, restoring, beautifying and protection for specific materials

Effect Mould Remover Chlorine Free:

Mould Remover Chlorine Free removes fungus formation, mould stains and bacteria without a problem. Mould Remover Chlorine Free is chlorine-free and neutral in odour. Disinfects and prevents. Mould Remover Chlorine Free effectively removes biofilms on taps, shower curtains, shower partitions and drains in showers and bathtubs. In addition, Mould Remover Chlorine Free gives a brilliant polish to sanitary ceramics and chrome surfaces. Mould Remover Chlorine Free’s gel formulation ensures long-lasting effect and deep penetration.

Application of Mould Remover Chlorine Free:

Mould Remover Chlorine Free is especially suitable for use in bedrooms and children’s rooms as chlorine-free and neutral in odour, as well as in kitchens, pantries, cupboards or refrigerators on all acid-resistant surfaces. For the removal of mould on wallpapers, rendering/plaster, masonry, stone, wood, ceramic for ceramic surfaces, plastic, textiles and leather.

Direction of use for Mould Remover Chlorine Free:

Spray Mould Remover Chlorine Free evenly on affected surfaces, so that a covering film results. Allow to work in for 30 – 60 minutes. In the case of more severe infestation, allow Mould Remover Chlorine Freeeven longer to work in, if possible overnight. Then remove residues with a soft brush or sponge and thoroughly wipe off with a moist cloth or sponge.


Affected surfaces should not be pre-treated, in order to avoid distribution of mould spores in the air of the room. Always test for tolerability of the surface before use. Do not use on materials sensitive to acid such as marble and chalky natural stones. Do not spray onto plants or metals. If necessary, rinse off with plenty of water. Store in a cool and dark place!

The video below is in german as the product is directly imported from Germany. It demonstrate how WEPOS Mould Remover Effectively kills mould.

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