Wepos Oil Stain Remover


Oil Stain Remover dissolves and removes oil stains, oil grime, greasy and oil-like contaminations, also of mineral or synthetic origin. Gel-like consistency ensures long adhesion and effect of the active ingredients. Thus also for deep and old oil stains. For all absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. For garages, driveways, roads, workshops, motor vehicles, etc.

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Hi-Glitz the only such store known to offer such a wide and comprehensive range of d-i-y easy to use and safe products to meet your cleaning needs.  The unique products available are imported from Germany and are of a very high quality.  These are customised and designed for cleaning, restoring, beautifying and protection for specific materials.

Effect of Oil Stain Remover:

Oil Stain Remover dissolves and removes oil stains, oil contamination, greasy and oily contamination, also of a mineral or synthetic based origin. Oil Stain Remover has a gel-like consistency ensures long-lasting adhesion to surfaces and long working times of the active substances. For this reason, Oil Stain Remover is also suitable for older or deep-seated marks and stains.

Application of use for Oil Stain Remover:

Oil Stain Remover may be used for all absorbent and non-absorbent substrates made of natural stone, artificial stone, cement screeds, concrete floors, glass, tiles, metal, glazed and unglazed ceramic surfaces, clinker, plaster. For garages, entrance ways, streets, pavements, workshops, tools, machines, motor vehicles.

Direction of use for Oil Stain Remover:

The surface to be treated must be dry. Apply a generous layer of the oil stain remover to the contaminated surface and distribute with a brush or broom into the stain. Then allow to work-in for several hours according to the level of contamination (best over night). A light layer of powder forms which can be removed. Repeat the process in the case of older and already resinous or deep-seated marks in the substrate. Use is according to the type of contamination and the absorbent nature of the substrate. Sufficient for about 5-7m².


Not suitable for asphalt and synthetic surfaces.

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