Is someone in your home down with the cold? Then another person suddenly got sick as well? Chances are, the germs in your house have spread. By disinfecting your house, you can help to prevent the next victim of flu germs.

How did these flu germs spread?

Some of the places in the house that contains the most germs are often the hot spots everyone touched.

Examples of these include doorknobs, faucet levers, appliance handles, etc. Bacteria and viruses can live on these area for as long as 48 hours. 

The next most common areas where there are germs are the bed sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Most people who are sick trend to sleep more.  But before they doze off, they are often sniffing – in bed. For couples who share the same bed, they are indirectly passing on the flu germs to their partners. 

This is often followed by bathroom faucets as the sick one often goes to the bathroom to clean themselves up. 

The phone and TV remote control are two of the most overlooked places where flu germs lurked. If your family share a computer, the keyboard and mouse are also places where flu germs are likely to persist and spread. 

And the last place is the dining table and kitchen. Hey sick people needs to eat too, and when they eat, they are likely to touch the dining table and kitchen. And the next unsuspecting person who touched the dining table will have the germs spread onto their hands. 

Combating the flu germs

Door knobs and door handles: Just spray some of our Hygiene Spray or Mould Remover – Chlorine Free on the door knobs and door handles. Wait a couple of minutes, and wrap the door handlers with a dry cloth to disinfect these areas. 

Fridge Handlers: Just spray some of our Fridge hygiene cleaners on the fridge handles for a couple of minutes, and wipe them with a cloth to disinfect these areas.

Bathroom faucets: Just spray the Shower Cabinet Cleaner on the faucets. Wait for a couple of minutes, then wrap the bathroom faucets with dry cloth. 

Pillowcases, bed sheets and blankets: It is also important to get all these pillowcases, bed sheets and blankets to the washing machine and disinfect them as well. It makes recovery quicker for those who are sick, especially if they need not breath in the same germs. 

Computer keyboard, mouse, phone, TV remote controls: Use an alcohol wipe or a paper towel sprayed with disinfectant.

Gentle reminder:

Wash and disinfect your hands frequently, especially when someone in the house is sick with the flu.

What we can use to clean the germs?

hygiene spray

Hygiene Spray

Disinfects and cleans all washable surfaces in the home and bathroom, plus floors and furniture. Bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi and pathogens are lastingly eliminated and dirt and unpleasant smells removed.

Fridge Hygiene Cleaner

Fridge Hygiene Cleaner cleans and disinfects. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner also removes food residues, dirt, grease deposits and signs of wear. In addition, Fridge Hygiene Cleaner prevents foodstuffs from perishing and ensures hygienic cleanliness. Fridge Hygiene Cleaner may be used for all refrigerators and freezers. Also for microwave ovens and other areas which come into contact with foodstuffs.

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