WEPOS Mould Remover with Chlorine


Mould Remover with Chlorine powerfully and lastingly destroys all kinds of mould. Mould Remover with Chlorine permanently eliminates fungi, mould stains and bacteria. It also bleaches, disinfects and protects. With immediate effect. For all washable surfaces in residential buildings; particularly in the sanitary area, sauna and swimming pool.

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Hi-Glitz the only such store known to offer such a wide and comprehensive range of d-i-y easy to use and safe products to meet your cleaning needs.  The unique products available are imported from Germany and are of a very high quality.  These are customised and designed for cleaning, restoring, beautifying and protection for specific materials.

Effect of Mould Remover with Chlorine:

Mould Remover with Chlorine’s powerful and sustainable action kills all moulds. This product permanently removes fungus formation, mould stains and bacteria. It has bleaching, disinfectant and preventive actions. With immediate action!

Application of use:

Mould Remover with Chlorine may be used for all washable, household surfaces; especially in sanitary areas, saunas and swimming pools. It is also suitable for ceramic surfaces and surface joints, silicone grouting, walls, ceilings, masonry, glass, wood and plastic.

Direction of use:

Do not pre-treat affected surfaces. Spray Mould Remover with Chlorine at a distance of approx. 5 – 10 cm thoroughly and over the entire surface area. Allow to work in for 15 minutes and then rinse off with plenty of water.


Test product first on an inconspicuous site for surface compatibility before performing the treatment. Discoloration may occur in tiles with damaged glazing. Do not spray this product directly onto plants, textiles and metals. Protect the skin, clothing and surrounding areas from splashing during use. This product has a bleaching action! Store pack upright in a cool and dark place and during transportation.

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